The National Engineering Research Center for Multimedia Software
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The National Engineering Research Center for Multimedia Software (hereinafter referred to as NERCMS), for which construction was approved on January 23, 1996, focuses on multimedia software training and research & development (R&D). The Center is affiliated with Wuhan University. In 1999, the completed Center was inspected and approved, meeting all relevant quality standards; in 2002 and 2007, the Center passed evaluations of its operations, performing excellently. 

The Center is designed to:

a)       make first-rate engineering achievements by undertaking key national R&D projects of multimedia software;

b)       make breakthroughs in engineering R&D for basic, key, and generic technologies while developing multimedia software; provide technologies to support innovation in and assimilation of imported technologies, in addition to industry restructuring and the advancement of the software industry;

c)       promote the commercialization and industrialization of technological achievements by developing a pilot project base;

d)       cultivate professionals in multimedia communication and software technology by developing a PhD and master’s degree program for communications and information systems and a master’s degree program for pattern recognition and intelligent systems.


In the last five years, the Center has undertaken 91 R&D projects, producing great economic and social benefits. Regarding technology research and development, the Center has undertaken 23 national research projects and 25 provincial and ministerial research projects; regarding the application of research achievements, the Center has undertaken 41 research and development projects commissioned by businesses and 1 international cooperation project.


Currently, about 3,000 square meters of the center is used as independent research and office spaces. The Center has been equipped with technology and systems with over 7 million Yuan, including: a universal server system and network equipment; a large platform for designing and testing hardware and software; a large platform for software analysis and design modeling; an online database; a software testing platform; and general and auxiliary equipment. All of this provides the Center with a favorable environment for scientific research and the transformation of research achievements.   

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