The Office of Scientific Research and Development of Wuhan University (short for “the Office”) is the department that manages S&T research in the natural sciences. The Office develops  S&T development plans and policies; develops and implements S&T management measures and incentives; organizes training and team building for talents in S&T Innovation Platform; applies, manages, and serves all kinds of scientific research projects at all levels; plans, establishes, evaluates, and manages a new S&T Innovation Platform; evaluates and awards for  S&T achievements; applies and maintains patents, new varieties of plants, software copyrights, and other intellectual properties; promotes S&T achievements and Enterprise-University-Research Institute Cooperation; manages WHU Science and Technology Association (STA) and affiliated academies; organizes for important domestic academic meetings, Luo Jia Forum and other academic exchanges; compiles S&T statistics for natural sciences, evaluates S&T research, and determines staffing quotas for scientific research; edits and serves the Journal of Natural Sciences.